Tapos na ang Philo, besh

What is your understanding of Philo at the end?

At the start, I always knew that philosophizing/ reflecting is basically just a piece of cake especially for me since I basically do it all the time being an extroverted introvert. I can’t not help reflecting in terms of what I did in an everyday basis especially if it revolved around me doing something completely stupid or me experiencing something really bad.

Fast forward to the start of Philo classes, when Doc Garcia was sharing his knowledge about the articles, This is Water or Fr. Ferriols “Insight”, What is Philosophy by Critchley and many more, it struck me that reflection IS most definitely not just about reflecting about ourselves but more about reflecting what I did towards other people. I always seem to focus on myself alone and what I do thus making me the subject of everything. I center myself in every experience that I fail to give attention of others being the center.  This in which fast forward to Philo classes, I got more into the subject knowing that this course really deepened my knowledge in terms of decentering myself. Who knew that instead of answering the question “Who am I?” it could be translated to the “What I want to desire for other?” Which brings me to an experience recently wherein I wanted to really be there to two of my friends who had mild depression, instead of thinking about my academics for once. I have always been the person to be always there for a friend but on times wherein I get so stressed about academics, I tend to lose time and forget that these people may need me too. I go to them in times when I need to rant or vent out which only makes sense that myself lost that since I got caught up in myself too much.

So basically, since Philo classes are now over, and in previous classes we tackled about Levinas, I knew that the importance for ones strive to be ethical towards others cannot be stressed enough. I myself had to think that the world does not revolve around me and it is my desire to make people feel loved and not lonely. And even though in this world that we live in, especially in college wherein students have this totality which leads to cannibalization I still want to think that our world needs to be more ethical with a purpose. Ethical in a sense that we do anything for others even with the thought of not having back in return. This not only encapsulates all what I’ve learned towards in Levinas discussions but this has what struck me the most.

So basically, decenter yourself for others.

I could never be more grateful to have been given the opportunity to be in Doc. Garcia’s class alongside will all the insights I have gained through him. Tapos na ang Philo class, besh but the insights and life long lessons will remain a lifetime.



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