The Culprit of Despair

There are times in our lives when we get to experience the feeling of emptiness, doubt, and loss of motivation to get up and seize the day. Bad break ups, failing grades, family problems. These are just some of the examples that trigger us to that kind of feeling. And at times like that, people tend to shoot themselves inside a bottle and lock it, so that nobody can disturb them as they drown themselves in misery.

This morning, as I was pondering what was worthy to write about for Philosophy class, I stumbled upon my old blog. It was created two years ago, when I was at the peak of severe sadness. “I want to be alone. I don’t need anyone’s help. You don’t understand what I’m feeling, so might as well leave me alone.” That sentence was written in every blog post, and right now, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

If there is anything that I learned in the past year, it is that nobody gets out of severe sadness alone. You can only overcome sadness when you surround yourself with people who care about you, especially at that time when you already stopped caring about yourself. Shutting oneself out from the world aggravates the feeling of emptiness, and the trigger for sadness no longer comes from an external factor. It comes from within. The culprit is the I.

Sadness is brought by the four corners of the room that you shut yourself in. In order to recover, you must unlock the door, and welcome Others back into your life. Stop letting the I be the center. Give the Other a chance to be part of your life, because life is not meant to be lived alone.

When the I gives up on itself and breaks down, only the Other will be there to step up and mend the torn pieces back together.


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