Means to an End

Would it ever be possible for one to learn anything with the purest intention of merely loving the subject? Or is it too romantic of a thought? One may argue that yes, it is possible, take a look at little girls learning ballet, more often than not, it won’t end up being their careers and yet for the love of it, they decide to learn it. but delving deeper into this, these children fall in love with it because they also fell in love with being beautiful, to have everyone’s eyes on you as you gracefully pirouette. So then is it really love for ballet itself or just for what it can give you? We see this in different facets of life, all the way to our education especially in this day and age. I personally know a good number of people who don’t have actual love for what their course teaches, but merely do it for the money and prestige of the future job they’ll get. It is also practical to understand that of course people will always see the use of learning something, of course they would see the beauty of the topic and what they can get out of it, yet where do we draw the line between considering its application and merely using the lesson as a means to an end?

It is undoubtedly a sad thing to consider, that your love for something might not actually be true love, yet it also brings forth the thought that this is due to the system set in place in humanity’s constructed reality. The fact that everything you do always has a reward or a consequence and this is represented by money and prestige. If you’d look at history, theres a glorification for this system with everyone vying for power. The monarchs in the past were on top of the world, and everyone below them wished they could be that. Eventually, with this propagated the system of “what I can get out of this”, with everyone doing anything only for the prospect at making another step up in life. Thus, this has even seeped into learning, with people going after things they “love” and yet some part of us which we don’t want to admit, also goes after it because of a certain value we think it can give us. We then live in a world of the pettifogger, a world wherein it’s so much easier for us to ask “what can I get out of this ultimately?” instead of “why do I really love this?”.

So then we have to ask ourselves, what would the world look like if that system were in place? If we were to add some perspective into it and really imagine what learning could be like when it comes from pure love? what would education be like? Because as disillusioning as the idea of the piece is, we also have the ability to change it if only we were willing to add a little perspective.


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