The Era of Civilised Cannibalisation

We live in a time wherein murder and cannibalisation are barbaric physically, yet man has found a way to express his animalistic nature through a more socially acceptable or “civilised” way. If you’d look at it, we live in a time of Levinas’s totality, wherein we use other people for our own nourishment, we basically cannibalise them indirectly and ultimately just return back to ourselves. why is Facebook so important? Why is Instagram so successful? why do people keep track of the number of likes and comments as if the sum of those validations is their reason to continue existing? Because we use it to nourish us. We use those comments to boost our ego, we post things to be able to be validated and in turn nourish ourselves, and these platforms give us the perfect platform to do so. As much as we feel connected to the world we still use this connection to nourish ourselves, and this just lets us sit on top of our pedestal of cannibalisation, this allows us to just use people for our won nourishment.

As much as we believe technology has allowed us to be more progressive, we also failed to notice the fact that our “progression” allowed us to keep our old animalistic tendencies, or maybe even go deeper into it. We’ve created virtual societies wherein currently people are getting more and more aggressive, participating in fights or even sparking the fights online. We’ve managed to create an industry online to sate sexual desire which then gave birth to pornography. We’ve managed to create platforms for us to feed our narcissism and even promote using other people mainly for one’s own nourishment. Even when you look into a number of modern literature and media, there is the glorification of debauchery, of cutthroat business, of the bravado which encourages us to be a little more animal and a little less human, and yet we eat it all up thinking that we’re the people of a new age fighting towards progression. Media ad technology have provided us with avenues to connect deeper, to exchange ideas, and yet media and technology have also provided us with avenues to sink further into our animalistic ways and feed our baser needs under the guise of something more civilised.

As we fall into this spiral, we then forget to live for the other, we forget to experience the other as face even. Our consciousness no longer connects with anyone else’s consciousness or that the very least not that deeply. There is no acceptance of the other and lets face it, is there even an Other to speak of when everyone strives so hard to be accepted and validated that we’ve turn into a homogenous type of people with very little variation? Thus we need to be able to allow ourselves to experience the face again, to experience the total reality of the other and accept it instead of attack it. We need to be able to see how people are different and individualistic, and let our consciousness connect with theirs in a way that isn’t so peripheral, and only then will we be able to break our habit of cannibalisation and step outside of this cycle of the glorified savage.


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