Discerning What’s Essential

Most of my friends would describe me as the busiest person they know. They will often call me “the over-achiever” in our circle of friends. I have to agree on them regarding this matter because I am juggling academics with extra-curricular activities inside and outside of school. I want to be good at everything.

They are aware that I value time the most and keeping up with my day-to-day schedule is what matters to me. Every Sunday, I will make a schedule good for the entire week. It is important that I accomplish the tasks assigned for that day. I was so busy accomplishing a lot of things for myself that I forgot the things which are really essential.

As I sat down on the first week of PH 101 class, one of the first lectures made me reflect on what have I been doing in my life. It is about the lawyer (pettifogger) and the philosopher. I identified myself as a pettifogger. I am in a constant pressure of time. I am always in a hurry and does not take time. As a result, I fail to discern the essential from the inessential. I lost the things which really matter.

Ever since I got really busy with everything, I forgot to make time for my family and not just for my family but for myself as well. I would decline going to our dinners, gatherings, out-of-towns since I was so occupied with my work. I forgot to pause for a while and reflect what I’ve been doing. It is my family that matters most. However, I failed to give them time. I became distant with them.

Moreover, I did not give time for myself as well to evaluate and reflect about my life. And so at that moment , I felt lost and I did not know where I was going. I was surprised that one lecture made me think and made me ask so many questions to myself. I really did not know who am I already. What is my real purpose? Will I just enclose myself in the bounds of all my papers, exams, works? It took time for me to realize and ask these things to myself. Now, I am in the constant search for the truth of who am I. And I will start by discerning what is really essential to me.


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