Moving Forward

There will always be both internal and external factors that affect us; both of which our lives revolve around with one of which that can be controlled while the other as something unforeseeable. With regards to the latter, our brains are constantly worrying and racked about thoughts such as what might happen, how will it affect me, etc. and we constantly tire and stress ourselves out by doing this.


Because we know that there is an aspect of life which we can’t and never will be able to control. Yes, we may be able to control the internal factors that affect the course of our lives such as our daily routines, actions, way of thinking, etc. however, deep down inside, we know that no matter how perfect we plan our course of action to be, there is a slim chance that we won’t be able to attain our desired results.

To illustrate this, think of it in this way:

You have been anxiously waiting for your grades to be released online because you feel like you have a chance to make it to the honors list of your class. However, when the grades do get released, you realized that you didn’t in fact make it to the list contrary to your belief and you examine the cause of this. You then see that it because of this one subject that pulled your grade down a notch and decide to consult with the professor. After this, you then saw that it was because of the low grade your group paper got. Maybe this was because you had bad group mates or maybe because you were too tired or etc. But one thing is for sure, you can’t change what just happened. You didn’t make the honors list.

However, don’t let this get to you. What matters is that you did your best and maybe, it wasn’t you who was the cause of this but rather some things you can’t control like maybe your teacher graded the paper badly because of the writing style of your group mate or just because he/she was having a bad day. With this, at the end of the day, it is important to always remember that you will be moving forward from this experience because you have learned to let go. It’s okay to initially be sad about it and feel bad but after a while, put this experience at the back of your head and just look forward.

To let go you have to get your mind to focus on different goals and different objectives. It’s not about saying: I let go of the pain from my fight with —- and move on. That will help, but if you really want to start moving on, then you have to get your mind to focus on new things, in the process you automatically let go of the things that have been slowing you down.

Hanging on to negative past events is a process that can destroy your life in ways you’re not even aware of. Ask yourself these questions: Do the negative things you hang on to serve you any purpose? Do they help you move forward? Do they work in your favor in any way? If you said no to any or all of the above then tell yourself this: This emotion/feeling doesn’t help me so I’m letting it go and focusing on what is important. Then begin focusing on what you want next, focus on what is important and what can improve your life. This is a simple process that gets the mind moving in a new direction and you stop building negative energy created from the negative events/emotions, which only attracts more negative situations. When you begin focusing on more positive things you begin attracting positive situations.

To live in the present moment is to start living in the now. Living in the now is different than living for the moment. Living in the now is the process of enjoying everything that is going on at this present moment. Take a look around you and appreciate those things that you once thought were trivial. When you are here now you can be nowhere else. You are not hanging on to something, you are here now. This forces your mind to look at things differently and tells your subconscious mind that you’re ready for new possibilities, then you’ll begin to let go and move forward.


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