Ethical JSEC

This world is usually run by pettifoggers and we tend to cannibalize on the other just to reach our goals. In a few weeks, I would be running an actual business with my business partners Ria, Diane, Arianne, Hans, Brigette, and Kim through the John Gokongwei Student Enterprise Center or JSEC. I’m really excited to start operating our stalls, Causeway Bae and Bun Revolution, because we would be giving new dishes for Ateneans to enjoy. But, I’m actually more excited because this will be a chance for me to be an ethical being and “apply” what I’ve learned in this Philosophy class. I would like to emphasize the Philosophy of the Other by Levinas because these two stalls combined means that we have 6 employees working for our stalls. I look forward not being the “boss” of Ate Jeanette, Ate Rina, Kuya Macmac, Kuya Greg, Kuya Buboy, and Kuya Mark, but also be their friend and get to know them more. Greeting them good morning everyday, surprising them on their birthdays, randomly asking on how they’re doing and the like. At the end of all this, I hope that me and my partners will not just give livelihood to the 6 of them, but also gained 6 more people that we intimately know. All of my business partners have taken Philosophy either under Dr. Garcia or Dr. De Joya and I’m really excited on how all the concepts we learned in class will materialize in how we run our business and treat our employees. Kuyas and Ates will definitely not be cannibalized and objectified under our watch, and in reality NO ONE should be ever treated as an object.

Francis Choa Jr.
PH101 (JTA-A)


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