A Person For Other

Among all the lessons tackled in the class, the one line in David Foster Wallace’s speech struck me the most.  It is “the most obvious, important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and talk about”. It was vague when I first read it. I felt that the line was a bit pretentious and had no sense. I thought was completely aware of what is in front of me and my reality until that time.

Contemplating the meaning was a process. I think until now I don’t have the perfect explanation for it.  But my learnings in the class helped me to conceptualize what it means- although I still don’t have the perfect description for it. Part of the discussion about Wallace’s speech is our natural default which is to focus on ourselves. I, myself, is guilty of that. Our self-centeredness hinders us to fully see others and even ourselves. This limits us to our own interest and perceived necessities. And in a way alienate us to employ our potential and capabilities as human. It is not just about us – what we like, want and need. It is about us existing and being part of this marvelous world.

Our innate capabilities as human being gives us full potential to exist and live life worthily. However, we always take this for granted. It is useless to just be aware; our actions are important to claim and fulfill that capabilities. Being able to utilize these capabilities brings out the awareness of ourselves and what we can do and be. And knowing ourselves is one step closer in knowing our purpose. And I guess this philo class opened me that my purpose does not stop at my benefit and improvement, but more of to what I can contribute to where I am part of. For I am a being that is part of other’s life. We are all humans responsible for others. And as human beings we are agents that are responsible for our actions and omissions.

To go back, being as part of the others or in the community is an important reality I often neglect. But I am grateful to be part of Dr. Garcia’s class for giving me the reality slap I needed. It helped me to become a person for others (it may sound so cliché but it is true). A person who sees others as a being and beyond their physical features.


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