Being Human

If you’re a student who studies in Ateneo, you would have surely heard of this phrase, “man for others”, and honestly it sounds good, but I thought that it had no deeper meaning to it other than helping others and being good to others.

I was surprised to hear the meaning behind it. It was because according to Levinas, being for others is being human. The reasoning behind it is if you’re a being for only yourself, you do everything for your gain and benefit. You use others for yourself and use them as nourishment for the I. That refers to cannibalism and tyranny where you subdue others and consume them for the betterment of the I.

Ateneo adopted the thought because its roots are deeply ingrained in philosophy and I am happy that my mind has been opened about these things. After this class, my eyes have been open to the truths of the world and what we must do as human beings.



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