Magmahal, Masaktan, Bumangon

Maskit magmahal, it isn’t too hard to admit that, but I think that through admission, it becomes harder and harder to commit to continue loving in spite. And personally for me, coming from an SBC (Sector Based Cluster) org background, philosophy became a means for me to wrestle with them and eventually decide to fully commit.

 Philosophy through reflection enabled me to see myself as both part and removed from my experiences; to be able to discern and respond accordingly. And through this discernment, it brings to light our capacities and responsibilities and moreover the role of hope in our lives. On the daily life, philosophy serves as a reminder for us to stay awake, to examine our lives and experiences, laying the groundwork for responsible action. But on a higher meditative level, it shows the repercussions of a choice in concrete life, and to make a commitment and bear witness to it. And it choosing to commit, we move towards our purpose and the ethical life, the life we want to lead. And in speaking of commitment, I want to emphasize something I learned from a talk by Sir. Liberatore: the dichotomy and integration of the 2 types of love: Eros (Romantic love) and Agape (Selfless love), they often feel in contrast to each other, because in some sense they are; a fiery passionate love vs unconditional and patient love. But in an org like Kythe, both are needed, Eros is the first one that invites us in, but it is Agape that keeps us staying. Masarap magmahal, pero lagi’t laging ipapaalala sayo na masakit magmahal, and I think that my love for it has shifted to agape, a commitment to keep saying yes.

And what I’ve learned throughout this course is that to be human is to strive to be better, to be ethical both for ourselves and for the other. Because in clarifying who I am, it is also about asking what I desire to give myself over too. My other has always been the kids, regardless of the pain and the grief, I love them too much to say goodbye. It would have been easier to save ourselves the pain of getting to know them, and only to lose them, but kythers continue, we place our place ourselves as their support, to give them a few but lasting moments of enjoyment and love.

Yes, the reality of death is very real and we can never run away from it, but death doesn’t signify the end. When death comes, we are suspended and the temptation to stay in despair is there, but we have hope. Nakakasakit magmahal, pero nanganailangan pa ring bumangon. Hope isn’t an emotion or a feeling, rather it is a response to death. Hope allows us to move past the grief and devastation, to be able to see the bigger picture and to continue to celebrate life. In hoping, we remember and in remembering we tell their stories. Their stories are so powerful that it can lead to change, a shift in perspective, and they have to power to make our children’s lives, no matter how short it was, eternal. At the end of the day, I am just really grateful for the course because philosophy gave me the will to love in spite, and to hope to be able to continue.

Tiffany Yu

PH 101 JTA -A



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