Pragmatics in Philosophy

The creativity of language turned out to be one of my favorite topics in our philosophy class. To be honest, I did not expect the nitty-gritty details of linguistics to be involved in studying the experience of being human. However, our lessons in class helped me see that words play an important role in letting reality emerge and letting ourselves develop. It is a medium we may use to communicate with the world around us.

As I differentiated semiotics from semantics, I tried to make sense of these ideas as a whole, especially when engaging in discourse. I remembered the concept of pragmatics, a term that is often mentioned in the discussion of language. Pragmatics is a subfield of linguistics which deals with the context our texts are placed in. From this definition, I see how the sense and reference of what we are saying depends on the situation we are in.

Being aware of when and where we should use certain configurations of words can better help us in discussions with others. Given our increasingly diverse world, people are becoming more sensitive about certain topics. For this reason, it is important to be able to talk about the matters at hand in an appropriate manner. For example, the way we speak to a child about the meaning of life would probably differ from how we would express it during an oral examination. Although we want to share the same ideas, we have to take note of who we are speaking to and when we say it as well.

It is important to note that the idea of pragmatics should not serve as a rule that would limit our interactions with others. Instead, it helps aid in our discussions with others. It gives us an awareness of the situation and allows us to respond accordingly. Although it may seem like matters of common sense, considering these details help ensure that we won’t simply fight with others because of such misunderstandings.

Overall, pragmatics is an important concept to consider when we discuss the sentence and the way it plays out in the real world. Although we need not be too strict about it, we should always keep it in mind as we interact with others. At the end of the day, pragmatics is all about practicality.


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