The Power of Stories

Why is it that we only realize the value of life after we’ve lost someone special to us? A few days ago, the Ateneo community lost not just one, but two family members- April Manucot and Pat Teng. Hundreds of people posted things about them on social media- speaking of only good things. For me, this was where I became aware of the actual application of the concept of Mimesis from Paul Ricoeur. I did not know them personally, however, reading those things about them made me feel like I’ve lost a loved one- it was a personal connection of some sort. Relating it to the second level of mimesis, Configuration, people have creatively put their lived experiences with these individuals together in order to tell others a story. I, on the other hand, experienced this reality which emerged from their stories. Hearing these made the real… even more real. It felt as if I knew them personally and that I myself have experiences with them firsthand. Now a lot of people say that we must disconnect to connect but I believe otherwise. It was through this medium that I got to know these amazing individuals through the stories told by their family, friends and even strangers.

+ May they rest in peace.


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