The Price of Fame

In “The Promotion of Responsibility and Hope” by Dr. Leovina Garcia, a fundamental question is posed: why do you exist? What do you live for? What do you pour yourself into?

For many, the answer is fame – with the glitz and glamor, the awe and envy, the wealth and luxury that it provides.

But to what extent will people go to achieve fame?  Will they be willing to sacrifice their beliefs and principles, jeopardize their relationships with others, and ultimately, lose their own identities, in order to obtain that one thing that almost everybody in the world covets?  And is it worth that price?

We cannot deny what celebrity hopefuls are doing these days to become famous – and we cannot deny that these actually work. Because show business is all about being remembered, the easiest way for personalities to brand themselves in a memorable fashion is to have a notorious image. Notoriety can only be faked for so long – eventually, it goes from a publicity stunt to a habit to a lifestyle. They end up losing their own sense of self in order to become what fans want to see. Aside from this, many stars find themselves sacrificing their relationships with others in order to keep up with the highly demanding show industry. Often, the price of fame is so high that they need to find a stronger, more dangerous way to cope. Numerous popular celebrities, such as Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Brittany Murphy, and Anna Nicole Smith met their untimely end from their personal way of coping: drug abuse.

Sometimes, what you pour your entire being into only serves to consume you – and that is when you know that it is no longer something you live for, but die for. This, then, is the extent; this is the price.


Janette Fionna Uy




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